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                                                     *These finishes are not available for all products. Please check product information.

Harvest -  Special Walnut  -  Provincial  -  Autumn  -  Golden Oak  - Natural

Black Cherry  - Acres Cherry  -  Harvest  -  Salem  -  Autumn Wheat  -  Natural 

Yes you can pick a Cherry stain for an Oak chest or Oak stain for an Cherry chest.

Oak                                  Pick your Stain (no additional charge)

Golden Oak           
Special Walnut       


Autumn Wheat      
Acres Cherry         (#1 pick)
Black Cherry       

                  Dove Tails

Available on all chest, dovetail joinery has a history dating back hundreds of years. It adds a great value to your chest.


add $129.00

                 Seat Cushions

Great when used in conjunction with a seat rail. 5 colors/ patterns available, or if you want to match an existing  color/ pattern send us your fabric and we'll make it.


 add  $70.00

                 Cedar Slide Tray

Available for any chest with or without cedar lining. 3" deep x half the length of chest to allow the tray to slide from one end to another. Also can be removed.



add  $76.00 

                Cedar Lining

Available for any oak, cherry, walnut chest. Traditionally known for its aromatic scent, cedar offers protection for fine woolens, linens, furs, etc. against damage from moths.

add $65.00 Petite

add $75.00 Small

add $85.00 Medium

add $95.00 Standard

add $105.00 Jumbo


               Seat Rail Standard on Seat Rail Series

Standard on Fancy Front chest, can be ordered as an option on all our standard and medium designs.


add  $85.00